2133 Stockton St Apt C108, San Francisco, CA  94133

(415) 572-3553



BS, Mathematics, Columbia University, New York



Web and Client Server Systems and Applications (12+ years)
J2EE (Websphere/JBoss/Tomcat)/JAX-RPC/SOAP/XML/WS-Security/Web Services/JUnit/TestNG/EasyMock

Java (JMS/XML/TCP/ODBC/UML/ Oracle/PLSQL/TogetherSoft/Eclipse) UML/RUP

Spring Foundation/Spring WS/Struts 2/Seam
Microsoft .NET/WCF: C++/VB/C# (GUI/MQ/XML, Web Forms, and Web Services)/NMock

SQL Server stored procedures, functions, DTC

Mainframe Applications and Systems (10+ years)
COBOL/ /CICS/DB2/JCL/Internals/Assembler/Operating System/Tools/Systems Programming - 9+ years



Winkler-Davis, Inc.: May 2013 to Present: IT Consultant, Android and Web Applications

Invented and developed the AskBalu Android app. Worked with clients developing inovative Android applications. Also provided high-level strategies for clients regarding information privacy and security.

Williams-Sonoma, Inc.: July 2007 to April 2013: Software Engineer, Web Applications

Team Leader for Stores DotNet Web Applications. Providing production support and upgrades for Store Scheduling, Merchandise Locator, Merchandise Transfers and other critical store applications. CSharp, SQL Server. Team Leader starting April, 2009.Created and maintained retail applications using state-of-the-art frameworks and tools.  Java EE 5, Spring Framework, Spring WS, Struts 2, Seam, JSP.  Wrote unit and integration test code for PZMonoEstablished continuous integration environment for Blueprint systems. Coded backend for Canada Registries. Converted Allocation Algorithm from C++ to Java.

Pure Digital Technologies, Inc.: February 2007 ?June 2007: Software Engineer, .NET Development

Developed tools for Engineering Services, including Build Administration web site that acts as front end to CruiseControl, NAnt and other build processes, complex NAnt build scripts, Cruise Control  install - Windows2003 server.  C#, NAnt, NUnit, NMock, CruiseControl, Cygwin shell scripts. Perl.

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.: March 2006 ?February 2007:   Software Engineer, Web Services

Wrote Java and C# SOAP Web Service message security filters, including SAML token validation and policy evaluation.   Installed JACL scripts for and tuned IBMs Http Server (IHS) and associated Websphere performance parameters.  Migrated applications from Websphere 5.1 to Websphere 6.0.  Wrote the Provider interface filters for the Java/J2EE platforms.   

Oehm Automation: August, 2005 ?February 2006:  Hedge Fund Consulting

Created .NET, Excel VBA, Javascript, VBScript and SQL Server applications supporting the Hedge Fund industry.  Created interfaces to vendor price feed Web Sites, Web Services.  Created and maintained complex SQL Server stored procedures and functions for large SQL databases with multiple tables and views.  Set up complex DTS packages supporting daily price feed and valuation ETL.

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.: October 1998 ?July 2005:   Software Consultant

Implemented Smart Loan Interface as a .NET application using C++, C# and VB components.  GUI controller, Windows Service, business rules classes, general purpose IBM MQ and XML class libraries. 


Designed all of and coded major portions of the very successful Mass Correction project.  Design included database-driven control of GUI (widget attributes) for this three-tier RMI Java application.


Designed and implemented the Fix Protocol mapping subsystem and major parts the Schwab critical Fix Protocol Messaging SystemHeavy use of XML and XSL along with custom mapping code.    Designed and coded all of the JMS Connection, Queue and Topic classes for FMS. UNIX, Java, Oracle.


Designed and implemented a generalized UNIX/NT MQ Series support package. Created a C++ translator for COBOL mainframe records to and from C++ or Java classes.  Designed, developed and implemented a fault-tolerant MQ Send/Receive process supporting CyberCorp.  Implemented highly critical trading customer status fallback synchronization software. Implemented PubSub order event system.  Designed and implemented an MQ Series wrapper and a rule-based XML generator.  Implemented Tibco PubSub multi-threaded Java Swing Client application. 


Wrote tools, reviewed code and made Y2K upgrades for critical client server applications. MS Access, ASP, Visual Basic, Oracle, Business Objects, Java, Visual Caf.  Created tools and APIs facilitating Y2K development and testing.

InsWeb, Inc.: July 1997 - September 1998:  Project Leader, Life and Health Insurance Systems

Implemented Web applications using SQL Server, VB OLE Server Technology and C++ business rule classes.  Developed multi-layered data interface and application rule engine.  Implemented SQL Stored Procedures supporting the data interface.  Project Leader for InsWebs Life and Health Insurance applications.


Created a class library with a comprehensive set of C++ classes representing HTML pages and objects, enabling programmers at InsWeb to avoid (and be unaware of) the details of generating responses to Web requests.

Visa International: January 1995, June 1997: Visual Basic/C/C++ Designer/Programmer

Designed and implemented an object oriented client/server application with seamless ODBC access to remote SQL Server, local MS Access and DB2 mainframe data.  Installed Windows NT and MS SQL Server and implemented mainframe-server synchronization utilities.  Visual Basic and C++.  (1996)


Implemented the Rule Processor for VTS2000 ATM message interpreter, written in Visual Basic and C.  The VTS2000 product was distributed worldwide to Visa member banks to certify host software.  (1995 - 1996)


Designed and implemented a Client/Server build/deploy process. Visual Basic and C++ using the MS Mail API.  (1997)

Pacific Bell, San Ramon, CA:  March 1991 - December 1994: CICS Systems/Applications Programmer

Provided systems and application development for a large CICS order distribution system (SORD).   Designed and implemented a CICS LU 6.2 application for Automatic Order Generation (AOG) (1991 -1994)

Winkler-Davis, San Francisco, CA: June 1980 - December 1992: Software Architect/Programmer

Designed and implemented Program Development Extension (PDX), a change implementation system at nine sites nationwide.  370 Assembler, COBOL, C, VB, PC Assembler, REXX and ISPF Dialog Manager.  (1980 - 1991)


Designed and implemented a complex DB2/SQL system for Charles Schwab & Co. to create and distribute management reports from DB2 tables and corporate repositories.  (1995)


Led a systems engineering project at Bank of America and developed a knowledge-based ATM scripting process to enhance Systems Testing performance.  Completed a major performance study of all operating and application systems for Wells Fargo Bank resulting in large recurring dollar savings and scheduling improvements. (1988 - 1991)


Implemented a complex (started task, cross-memory, ISPF Dialog Manager) security system for Charles Schwab and CoWritten in Assembler and COBOL.  (1986 - 1987)

1977-1979: Zellerbach Paper Company, San Francisco, CA: Systems Manager

Manager of Systems Development.  Responsible for the successful, on-time conversion of all applications from Honeywell to IBM System 370 IMS-DB/DC.

1975-1977: Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA:  Systems Manager

Modernized the Money Transfer System resulting in improved security, performance and reliability.  Played a key role in an automation planning project resulting in very large recurring dollar savings for the Federal Reserve System.

1970-1975: On-line Business Systems, Inc., San Francisco, California:  Co-Founder, Manager

Participated in corporate planning, capital acquisition and marketing.  As Manager of Programming and Operations, implemented complex interactive systems, including reservations and cargo inventory.

1968-1970: Greyhound Computer, San Francisco, California:  Systems Programmer

Implemented a complex payroll and an on-line dental insurance claims processing systems, a multi-tasking teleprocessing monitor, and an interactive code generator and a text processing system. 

1964-1968: Bankers Trust Company, New York, New York: Project Manager/Assistant Treasurer

Wrote programs for commercial banking applications.  Converted major systems to 360 Assembler and COBOL.  Implemented a Money Transfer System, a check processing system and an on-line voice-answerback teller system.

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