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Microsoft Technology

This page presents a brief overview of current Microsoft development technology, with an emphasis on web applications and web services.





      With VSTS
      James Shore

      Jame Newkirk

      MSBuild MS Build



      Fitnesse - Fitnesse
          is a simple Wiki-based testing framework. The basic wiki page contains a table whose
          columns match a testing class. For example, the columns might contain a web URL,
          an expected string value, and a boolean (output) specifying whether the string is
          expected to be in the response or not. A simple "fixture" class is defined (in any
          language) that accepts the input values and calculates the output ( in this case
          true or false). Running the test passes each row of the table to the class and then
          passes back the result and shows it on the wiki page. Very simple to set up and
          very flexible. Does require some developer work to set up but can be maintained
          by non-developers once the basics are established.

      Stress Testing Web Application Stress Tool
      Performance Testing MSDN Patterns

      Profiling Visual Studio Profiler   
	Team System
	Team Foundation Server VS 2008 Team Foundation Server 
	LogParser 2.0 LogParser 2.0
	Virtual PC 2007
	Windows Script 5.7
	XML Notepad 2007