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The Owners

Heidi Winkler was our president for thirty years.  She knew the future and guided our ship accordingly.  She is still the main influence for the continued quality of our endeavors. Our success is entirely attributable to her graceful, lovely and humorful guidance.

Keith Davis remains vice president and resident computer nerd.  He would probably code in Java or c# for free (but don't tell our clients that!).  We no longer have a president.

The Staff

Keith Davis, Principal Consultant.  Keith has a mathematics degree from Columbia University.  Keith specializes in ClientServer and Web Applications (MS .NET c#, Java, C++ and VB).. He has developed numerous complex Java applications (banking, credit cards, communications, Fix Protocol, trading systems).  You can check out his background here:  Keith's Resume or you can contact Keith directly:

Pamela Davis, Manager, Customer Support and Android Design.  Pam is finishing her Doctorate at Alliant International University here in San Francisco.  She is and expert on Android and Windows Phone app design and quick to respond to customer requirements.  You can check out her Curriculum Vitae here:  Pam's Resume or you can contact her directly at: